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Shark Beach Tennis

Shark Kinect S Beach Tennis Racket

Shark Kinect S Beach Tennis Racket

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The Shark Kinetic Beach Tennis Racket was developed with 3k Carbon filled with EVA Soft Pro, making it comfortable, powerful, and precise. Recommended for advanced level players, it features a paint job with micro granules treatment that helps generate effects.

Comes with a cover for protection and transportation.

Composition: Carbon 3k / EVA Soft
Length: 50 cm
Weight: 320 - 340 gr
Thickness: 22 mm
Level: Advanced
Feature: Balance Impact
Modality: Beach Tennis
Warranty: Against manufacturing defect

The Shark Kinetic S is recommended for more power in shots, due to the drilling characteristics, heart, and EVA.

The Shark Kinetic System consists of microspheres (Kinetic Mass) contained in capsules embedded in the racket's frame. As the racket moves in preparation for the hit, the Kinetic System stores kinetic energy in the Kinetic Mass. As the racket's frame accelerates, the Kinetic Mass spheres gather on the walls of the capsule opposite to the ball.

At the moment of impact, the ball is compressed, and the face flexes. The microspheres move toward the ball, releasing additional energy.


Immediately after impact, the microspheres move freely to stabilize, instantly rebalancing the racket's frame. The frame's flexibility, the forward balance of the hit, and the action of the EVA determine the ball's acceleration. In the Kinetic racket, the energy released by the Kinetic Mass is added to the ball's exit speed. In addition to stabilizing the racket's frame, the Kinetic System increases the usable area of the face, making the hit more successful.

Do you know what your arm feels like after hitting the ball? The "return" of vibrations. The Kinetic System completely eliminates all of these sensations. Once the ball leaves the racket face, the kinetic mass microspheres move, using all the remaining energy in the frame. You'll notice a pleasant feeling of comfort while playing and a drastic reduction in fatigue and stress in your arm, with an increase in the accuracy and power of your game. Immediately after the ball leaves the racket's strings, the flexibility is activated.


The Kinetic Damping Chamber of the Shark ProKennex uses "Mass Displacement" to reduce residual vibration resulting from the shock energy when the ball hits the racket. This anti-vibration system significantly reduces hand and forearm fatigue and quickly stabilizes the racket's frame to its original state. The system consists of a cylinder, perfectly molded into the racket frame's body, filled with inelastic microspheres and integrated. When frame oscillations hit the chamber, the balls disperse vibrations through movement and friction.

The technical name of this process is Non-Obstructive Damping Technique, or NOPD. While the Kinetic System enhances the racket frame's performance through more efficient "energy transfer" in tennis, harmful vibrations escaping from the Kinetic System itself are subsequently absorbed by the Kinetic Damping Chamber before reaching the hand. Kinetic technology is an energy management system designed to enhance stroke performance while protecting the arm from harmful forces leading to injuries.

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